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Hi! My name is a Ness, and this blog is a little bit of everything. I love photography, I love to crochet, I love to cook, and above all else, I love to run- ALOT. I have a wonderful husband with whom I have a handmade jewelry/crochet/photography business on Etsy. You can visit us at
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This blog will have quite a few of my cooking adventures, as we cook without dairy, eggs, or gluten quite frequently(ok, pretty much all the time). I eat gluten and eggs, but I'm not going to make 2 different dinners, so wild food experiments are abound in our house! We do eat meat, but over time i find myself having much more fun experimenting with vegetarian/vegan recipes- much more creativity involved. :-)

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Lazy man’s dinner!

Dinner for two:

2 servings of GF chicken tenders

4 oz dry pasta(gluten free)

1/2c white cooking wine

2T olive oil(I used garlic infused)

handful of fresh basil

8-10 Campari tomatoes

1. Pop your chicken tenders on a baking sheet, then pop them in the oven or toaster oven.  Star your pot of water boiling.

2. Lightly chop your basil.  In a sauce pan, add the cooking wine, olive oil, and basil, and cook oven med-low heat.  Let that cook together until the water boils(then add your pasta to the water).

3. Chop your tomatoes, put them in the basil sauce, let those cook together while the pasta is cooking.  Once pasta is done, drain the pasta, coat with a little oil, transfer to the dinner plates. Top with the basil tomato sauce and the chicken tenders.

Enjoy your nice quick meal!